Mumbai rains begin again, expect intense showers today

October 9, 2019 6:27 PM |

Mumbai Rains

As predicted by Skymet Weather, Mumbai rains returned on the Wednesday evening. While the weather remained hot and humid throughout the day, but the late evening saw formation of convective clouds over the city and suburbs.

Few areas such as Navi Mumbai have already started recording light showers. Gradually, rains are likely to cover up most parts of the city. Weathermen are expecting few intense spells over the city as well as Thane, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms during the next couple of hours.

Ongoing rains have led pleasant weather conditions over the city, following the significant drop in the day temperatures. In absence of rains, maximum temperatures in the city had risen to 33 degree Celsius. Besides this, high levels of humidity further increased the discomfort levels.

The cyclonic circulation over Konkan & Goa continued to persist over the region. Since, we are in withdrawal phase of Monsoon, we do not witness rains and thundershowers during the day but mostly during the late afternoon hours or evening.

This was the case today as well, where in with the increase in day maximums, convective clouds started engulfing the city.

As per Skymet Weather, on and off Mumbai rains are here to stay, at least till October 13. However, intensity of rains would keep varying. One or two heavy spellsa also cannot be ruled out.

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