Mumbai rains deficient until now, Monsoon onset further delayed

June 19, 2019 12:57 PM |

Mumbai Rains

Mumbai rains have had a very disappointing performance this time. Usually, during this time in June, the city of Mumbai starts to receive very good Monsoon rains. However, thus year, Monsoon has still not made an onset over the city of Mumbai.

So far, until June 18, Mumbai has seen only 263.7 mm of rains against 108.8 mm making it a whopping 59 percent deficient. In the last 24 hours also, 7.8 mm of rains were seen against the normal of 19 mm.

The rains that Mumbai has seen in the last few days have occurred because of the effect of Cyclone Vayu. In fact, strong southwesterly winds were prevailing over Konkan and Goa including Mumbai and which has given good rains over the city.

Today also, Mumbai did see some rainfall making an appearance. However, now, rains will subside over Mumbai and suburbs and only isolated light rain will continue.

Now, with the reduction in rains, temperatures may also increase marginally. The onset of Monsoon has been delayed significantly and it does not look like Monsoon will arrive over Mumbai anytime soon.

In the next 2 to 3 days, South Konkan and Goa and adjoining South Madhya Maharashtra may see the arrival of Monsoon but Mumbai will only see the onset around June 24 and 25 when rainfall activity will pick up pace in view of the upcoming low pressure area in Bay of Bengal.

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