Mercury dips in Mumbai, significant relief seen

March 27, 2019 2:21 PM |

Weather in Mumbai

After sultry heatwave conditions, there is now a sigh of relief for Mumbaikars as mercury has dipped by almost seven degrees. According to forecasters, today’s maximum will be around 34°C.

The mercury in the last few days soared because of the Anti-Cyclone over northeast Arabian Sea and adjoining South Pakistan. Due to this, northeasterly dry and hot winds were blowing over North Konkan and Goa and Madhya Maharashtra. Now, this Anti-Cyclone has moved away westward leading to change in wind direction from northeasterly to westerlies/ northwesterlies.

These winds are travelling from the Arabian Sea and are cooler in nature. Hence, they have helped in bringing down the mercury. Moreover, the sea breeze today set in early, which didn’t allow the temperatures to rise. As per the experts, the temperatures would continue to settle between 33°C-35°C for a week or so. Re-occurrence of heatwave conditions for rest of March is ruled out for now.

Updated on March 26 at 1421 hours: Mumbai surpasses 40 degrees for the fifth time in past 11 years

Mumbai is witnessing a spike in day temperature for the last couple of days. From 31.5°C recorded on March 22 the maximum shot up by 9 degrees at the Santa Cruz Observatory to settle at 40.3°C on March 25.

As per records, this is the fifth time in last 11 years that the day temperature in Mumbai has touched 40°C in the month of March.

Looking at previous records, the Santa Cruz Observatory on March 26, 2018 recorded 41°C as the maximum, while on March 8, 2013 the mercury had settled at 40.5°C. The all-time record in the month of March is 41.7°C, observed on March 28, 1956.

Weather experts at Skymet say that this sudden spike in temperature can be attributed to the flow of dry and hot winds from the northeast direction. The day temperature today as well might touch 40°C because of the prevalent northeasterlies. However, some relief is expected tomorrow (March 27) due to the change in wind direction.

Cool northwesterlies, travelling from the Arabian Sea are now expected to replace northeasterlies. The day temperature in Mumbai will therefore witness a drop and hover around 34°C.

Mumbai being a coastal station will keep observing high humidity levels and therefore the feel like temperature would remain high. Discomfort among the inhabitants has already increased manifold.

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Image Credit: The Weather Channel

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