Mumbai to see lowest October rains in a decade, dry days ahead

Mumbai to see lowest October rains in a decade, dry days ahead

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The month of October sees drastically lesser rains as compared to the four months of the Southwest Monsoon season. In September, the city sees 341 mm of rains which drops down to 89.3 mm in October.

Rains in October occur on account of several features including retreating Monsoon conditions, systems forming in the Arabian Sea and running along the coast or the trough along the coast extending up to Mumbai.

This year, however, has been a rather disappointing month where rains have occurred only for a day, i.e. on October 18 and that too was just 4 mm for Santa Cruz. Now also, it looks like weather conditions will remain dry in the coming days of October as well.

Thus, Mumbai is likely to see the lowest October rains in the past ten years. The last time the city of Mumbai saw such less rains was in 2008 when 17.3 mm of rainfall was witnessed.

Also, in the month of October, which is the transition period, reversal of winds takes place. Thus, during the day, winds blowing from land cause a rise in temperatures due to which days become quite warm.

The setting in of the sea breeze does not take place until post noon hours, and until then, temperatures already do increase to quite an extent. Thus, maximums during this month settle in the mid-30s while minimums are recorded in the lower 20s.

On the other hand, humidity does persist throughout the day, the morning sees humidity because of lower temperatures and as the sea breeze sets in after noon hours, humidity increases once again. It is only in the forenoon hours, when winds from the land blows that the humidity levels are on the lower side.

Now, as we progress into the month of November, minimums are expected to see a drop due to fall in temperatures over the nearby state of Rajasthan and western parts of Madhya Pradesh. The maximum temperature will remain on the higher side only keeping the day warm enough.

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