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Day temperature in Mumbai drops by 7 degrees, huge relief from heatwave

March 28, 2019 3:48 PM |

Mumbai Weather

After two days of heatwave, Mumbai saw a significant drop in temperatures. The maximum had soared to reach 40.3°C, which dropped by almost 7 degrees to settle at 33.3°C yesterday. We do not expect the temperatures to rise much and stay close to 34 degrees Celsius.

Thus, it is safe to say that heatwave has abated the city of Mumbai for some time now and temperatures are not expected to see a rise for the next few days at least.

The reason for the abatement of heatwave can be attributed to the commencement of northwesterly winds since yesterday. These northwesterly winds are expected to continue to blow over the region for another four to five days wherein the temperatures will not go beyond 34 or 35 degrees Celsius. Moreover, April will begin on a similar note and intense heat will remain at bay.

Talking about rainfall, the city of Mumbai does not see any rains between the months of January and April, making them the driest months of the year. Monthly average rainfall between January and April is less than 0.5 mm.

Thus, rains will not make an appearance and temperatures will not rise much. Thus, warm and humid weather will continue over the city, with sky conditions remaining clear and sunny.

Pre-Monsoon activity only begins during the fag end of May due to which the monthly average rains amount to 11 mm, which further increases by manifold in June due to arrival of Monsoon.

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