Nagpur, Akola, Kolhapur, Sangli to witness more rains; keep produce safely

Nagpur, Akola, Kolhapur, Sangli to witness more rains; keep produce safely

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Many parts of Vidarbha witnessed a drop in the maximum temperatures by two to three degrees that led to the abatement of heatwave conditions in many parts of Vidarbha. However, the isolated pockets of Vidarbha still continued to reel under heatwave conditions with the temperatures still scoring above 45-degree Celsius.

On Tuesday, Chandrapur recorded the daytime high at 45.5ºC, Akola 45.2ºC, and Bramhapuri witnessed the daytime high at 44.7ºC.

The reason for this drop can be attributed with the light rain and thundershowers that occurred at a few parts of Vidarbha and isolated pockets of Konkan on the past day. In the last 24 hours, from 08:30 am on Tuesday, Chandrapur recorded 3 mm of rains, Bramhapuri 1 mm and Nagpur witnessed some traces of rains. Few pockets of Mumbai also received light drizzle today morning which gave a sigh of relief to the Mumbaikars who were waiting for these spells for more than a month.

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As of now, we expect, pre-Monsoon activities to continue over Konkan, South Madhya Maharashtra and in isolated pockets of Vidarbha and Marathwada. However, the intensity of these spells would be very light. The sky would become partly cloudy to cloudy at different intervals of time leading to a marginal relief from the temperatures.

The intensity of these rains would pick up the pace around May 28 or 29 over most parts of Marathwada, South Madhya Maharashtra and Konkan including over Mumbai.

At this stage, let us see the impact of this weather on the agriculture belt of Maharashtra:

Farmers are advised to keep the harvested produce at a safer place so as to avoid the impact of rain and thundershowers. Farmers should also continue land preparation in fallow lands for Kharif season.

Farmers are also advised to apply light and frequent irrigation to vegetables and orchards. It is also recommended that farmers should continue nursery bed preparation for Kharif rice and ragi and proper insecticide sprays should be used to fight with insects like hopper, aphids, and thrips on vegetable crops.

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