After experiencing at par minimum with Mumbai, mercury drops over Nagpur

January 15, 2019 3:11 PM |

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‘The city of dreams- Mumbai’ is located at a distance of 844 km from Nagpur. Just like their distance, both the cities differ in their weather conditions too. Nagpur being located on the interiors of Maharashtra experiences relatively harsher winters than Mumbai. Moreover, Nagpur keeps oscillating between cold and comfortable weather conditions throughout winters. The city witnessed its lowest minimum of the season on December 29 at 3.5℃. This was due to the presence of northwesterly cold and dry winds that were blowing over the city. On the other hand, since Mumbai is a coastal station, it experiences least seasonal variation and that is why residents here have a general opinion that Mumbai experiences mainly two season i.e. Monsoon and rest of the time summer. Moreover, Mumbai lies at the mouth of Ulhas river on the western coast of India. Due to its coastal location, humid winds keep gripping the city thereby barring northwesterly cold winds to drop the temperatures. Moreover, mercury rarely drops to single digit over Mumbai. As a result, Mumbai always remains warmer than Nagpur.

As we have discussed earlier, direction of wind plays an important role in governing the weather across the country. Whenever cold and dry winds from north direction continue over the region for more than four to five days, these cause minimums to drop at a faster rate. These winds blow over central parts of country including Maharashtra and sometimes even extend up to southern sub divisions such as Telangana and Karnataka.

However, this season, due to the continuous flow of warm and humid winds from the south, minimums over Nagpur had reached till 15℃. The situation was such that minimums over Nagpur came at par with that over Mumbai.  

However, last 24 hours have brought some relief for Nagpur. Since past 24 hours, cold winds from north directions have been blowing over the city. These winds have dropped the minimums around 6℃ over Nagpur. Thus, mercury which was around 15.5℃ has come down to 9.4℃ during last 24 hours. On the other hand, minimums over Mumbai have increased by 4.5℃ I.e. from 15.1 to 19.6℃. The reason for this sudden increase in temperatures over Mumbai can be attributed to warm and humid winds from south directions.

Further in the coming days, we expect a marginal change in this situation. Minimums over Nagpur will show a marginal increase. On the other hand, these will decrease marginally over Mumbai. Further, Nagpur will oscillate between cold and comfortable conditions whereas Mumbai will experience cool and comfortable nights.

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