NDMA releases Cyclone advisory for Cyclone Roanu

May 20, 2016 1:42 PM |


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The weather system that is currently prevailing over Bay of Bengal has intensified into a cyclone. Cyclone Roanu is one such storm which is expected to intensify into a severe cyclone anytime now. It is highly advisable for the people of coastal Odisha and coastal Andhra Pradesh to remain safe.

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At present, the cyclone is moving at a speed of 16 kmph, but the system is a strong one and within 24 hours the speed is expected to go up to 75 kmph.

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There are certain guidelines have been issued by the National Disaster Management Authority of India to save lives before, during and after a cyclone. Here are the guidelines.

Before the Cyclone:

1. Ignore rumors and stay calm. Avoid any sorts of panic situation.
2. Keep your mobile phones charged all the time.
3. Keep a track on the latest news bulletins to know about the weather activity.
4. Keep the government emergency numbers handy.
5. Keep a lantern, battery operated torches and extra batteries handy.
6. If your area is under the cyclone alert zone – stay away from low-lying areas and coastal areas.
7. If needed to be evacuated – follow the instructions of government officials.
8. Keep valuable documents in a water safe baggage.
9. Keep cattle untied to ensure their safety.
10. Fishermen are advised not to venture into the seas.

During the Cyclone

. Avoid taking shelter under the trees, or old or damaged buildings.
2. Keep a track on the latest news bulletins to know about the weather activity.
3. The best way to avoid the cyclone is to stay indoors, but if you want to move out, make sure you do that before the onset date of cyclone.
4. Avoid using rail and water transport.
5. Avoid staying in the top floor of the house, stay near the ground.
6. Avoid touching power lines.
7. Keep your door and windows shut.
8. Leave to high grounds to avoid flooding.
9. Rely on official warnings – avoid rumors.

After the Cyclone

1. Do not try to enter the damaged buildings.
2. Volunteer to help the people in need.
3. Use mobile phone only during emergency.
4. When ‘all clear messages’ is declared by the government officials then only venture out.
5. Listen to the advice of local officials and emergency workers.
6. Watch out for broken electric poles, broken glasses and sharp objects.
7. Stay away from flooded and affected areas.
8. Drink boiled water.
9. Do not use toilet if the water pipes are damaged.

This is what NDMA has released about the Cyclone Roanu:


NDMA CONTROL ROOM – 011-26701728, 011-26701730

There are other people who are also tweeting about the Cyclone Roanu and what to do during the Cyclone.

To get more information about the Cyclones, check out the National Disaster Management Authority’s website, Click Here.

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