Northeast India gears up for floods as rivers swell due to heavy rains

July 12, 2019 7:32 PM |

Rain in Northeast India

The Northeast pocket of the country is prone to floods during the Southwest Monsoon season whenever the rains exceed a few days. It’s not just the heavy rains that become the reason behind floods but it’s also the multiple tributaries of the Brahmaputra that add to flooding woes.

The massive river of Brahmaputra originates in China and covers the three rivers of China, India, and Bangladesh.  Brahmaputra is one of the largest rivers not just in India, but in the world as well.

First, it flows from West to East and then changes direction from East to West. The river changes its name as well while passing through various regions from Tsangpo, Dehang to the Brahmaputra. It is joined by multiple tributaries on its way.

Break Monsoon season brings in the most amount of rains over the region. Whenever rains go on for a week or even longer, floods become a regular happening. Water embankment breaching takes places and water even flows into the inhabited places.

There has been heavy rains over multiple areas of Northeast India in the last three days. In the last 24 hours, Pasighat recorded 117.3 mm, Dhubri 38.4 mm, Dibrugarh 7.4 mm, Mazbat 34.8 mm, Silchar 81.5 mm while Tinsukia received 18 mm of rains. Multiple areas have received a 3-digit rainfall in the last three days. Also, the irony is that only limited observations are available for Northeast India as weather observatories in this region are quite less.

In the next few days as well, the same conditions are likely to prevail. The Trough is going to persist giving heavy rains over multiple areas. These rains are mainly going to happen in the evening and at night.

Also, the catchment areas are likely to bear the most brunt of heavy rains. The reason behind this is that even when these regions are not receiving rains, these areas keep bearing the water stress for days together.

The situation might get even grave as the same weather will persist for at least a week.

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