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Northwest India To Dry Up Soon, Rains Few And Far Likely

September 25, 2023 4:15 PM |

Monsoon rainfall has reduced substantially over the last few days over northwest India.  Further drop is likely during this week.  Anticyclonic flow will dominate, thereby restricting travel of monsoon circulations marked over East Uttar Pradesh and another one over Odisha, to the northern parts. Even, the likely cyclonic circulation over Bay of Bengal during fag end of the month and its culmination in to a low pressure area later, will not find any space to travel deep. Weather activity will mainly get restricted to the eastern and northeastern parts.

Southwest monsoon, as such, is on the verge of withdrawal from the border posts of Rajasthan. Further retreat, as it happened on earlier occasions, may be quick and fast.  Seasonal monsoon trough becomes decrepit and nominal.  Though, the region does not get absolved completely of splashy rains but surely, these become few and far.  The western disturbances also take a short break to free the region of its smash and return later more effectively in November. During the interim period, weather activity, if at all, remain confined to the higher reaches.

Absence of rain and clouds will pave way for rise in temperatures. However, the rise of mercury will be countered and compensated by change of winds and drop in humidity levels, to provide little comfort.  Retreat of monsoon and transition to post withdrawal comes with a lag. The overlapping period continue to be marred with some sweat during the day and pleasant relief later in the evening and night.

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