November to end on dry note for Delhi NCR, no relief from pollution

November to end on dry note for Delhi NCR, no relief from pollution

06:29 PM


Delhi-NCR witnessed its last rain on November 14. Since, then the city of Delhi has remained dry. Since last many days, both day and night temperatures are settling above normal. At present, maximums are above normal by 3 degrees and minimums are above normal by about 2 degrees.

The monthly rainfall average of Delhi for November is lowest in the years that stands at just 4.9 mm. As of now, Delhi has received 8.2 mm of rain. The city has received almost double the amount of rain but now, we do not expect any rain until the end of November.

Between October and February, rains over Delhi, usually occurs due to the influence of Western Disturbances and its induced cyclonic circulations over the northwestern plains. Western Disturbances starts travelling in lower latitudes during these months. Hilly regions receive rain and snow , while northern plains receive rainfall during this time.

But this year, number of active Western Disturbances were less, and Delhi did not receive any heavy showers. The month of November is also known for increased pollution levels over Delhi NCR. Stubble burning in neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh is one major contributor for pollution. Moreover, as the temperatures start to drop, it further leads to the formation of shallow fog and mist.

Presently, the pollution levels are high over the region, and we expect this to remain in very poor to severe category for the next few days. Shallow fog and mist will persist over the region.

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