Odisha to observe dense fog over most parts; maximums to rise

December 19, 2018 4:12 PM |

Rain in Odisha IndiaTV 600

In Odisha, during the winter season, rainfall activity remains on the lower side. However, due to the ongoing cyclone period, the weather systems that form in Bay of Bengal manage to recurve towards Odisha and the state tends to receive rains.

Since the last two days, in wake of severe Cyclonic Strom Phethai, major effect in the form of heavy rains has been felt over Odisha. This system weakened before making its landfall and then further weakened into a well-marked low-pressure area. In fact, at present lies over Southwest Bay of Bengal as a feeble low-pressure area.

Therefore, we can say that even though Phethai showed rapid weakening and movement, it managed to give heavy rains over Odisha and its adjoining states. But during the last 24 hours, only light rains occurred over parts of Odisha. In fact, the sky conditions were overcast with multi layered clouds. The relative humidity also became very high.

Moreover, due to extensive clouding and rainfall, significant fall in temperatures was observed over most parts of Odisha between December 17 and 18.

In the last 24 hours from 08:30 am on Tuesday, Keongjhargarh recorded 10 mm of rain, followed by Angul 4 mm, Pulbani 3 mm, Gopalpur 2 mm, Cuttack 2 mm, Bhubaneshwar and Koraput 1.2 mm, Balasore 0.4 mm and Bhawanipatna 1 mm.

Presently, a trough extends along Odisha Coast. Further this system would be weakening even more, and wind pattern will change. Now, northwesterly, northerly winds, which are dry and cold in nature will blow over the state.

Hence, during early morning hours, dense fog will occur over many places over the state, which will also reduce the visibility levels.

The day temperatures will increase significantly and come close to normal. Meanwhile, night temperatures will decrease by almost 3˚C to 5˚C. Thus, we expect mainly dry weather to prevail over the entire state of Odisha.

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