Okhla Bird Sanctuary observes arrival of over 25,000 birds this season

Okhla Bird Sanctuary observes arrival of over 25,000 birds this season

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Packed with a large variety of migratory birds after several years, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary in Delhi is truly a bird lover delight this year. In fact, according to officials, the number of birds has already exceeded the records seen in the past few years.

The bird sanctuary has acknowledged about 10,000 migratory birds so far, including 40 species of aquatic migratory birds and six species of terrestrial birds. Earlier also there are about 50 species of 1,000 inhabitant birds at the sanctuary.

Officials also stated that several type of birds of prey have also been spotted in large numbers. There are close to 15,000 birds of prey, including species like Eurasian hobby, Pregerine falcon and Greater spotted eagle. In total, more than 25,000 birds have been observed so far.

Divisional forest officer said that after several years Okhla Bird Sanctuary is seeing such a large number of birds and even more birds are expected during this month. The accessibility of fresh water and habitat enhancement has paid off and resulted in birds choosing this area for nesting.

Some of the fascinating detections so far are as follows: Serpent eagle, Marsh harrier, Common chiffchaff, Red breasted flycatcher, lesser whitethroat and Bluethroat.

Further, as added by the officials, during the months of September and October, the sanctuary was cleaned and painted. Moreover, the bamboo bridge was repaired and one of the watch towers was also fixed. The benches and dustbins were repaired, and some more were installed. The water hyacinth was cleaned and used as natural embankment in the river for the birds to rest.

The divisional forest officer also mentioned that, better rainfall this year led to cleaning of the river bed and leaving fresh water in the area.

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