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On and off heavy Mumbai Rains to continue for next few days

July 18, 2021 1:57 PM |

Mumbai rains have made a massive comeback with three digits becoming a regular affair. In fact, in the last 24 hours between 8:30 am yesterday and 8:30 am today, the Santa Cruz observatory saw a whopping 235 mm of rains meanwhile Colaba saw 197 mm of rainfall.

Most of these rains were seen during the late-night hours until the early morning hours, which resulted in waterlogging in many parts of the city. In fact, Chembur and Vikhroli area also reported about 22 deaths due to a building and wall collapse in those areas.

However, since late morning, there has not been much weather activity in the commercial capital and very heavy showers are not expected to be seen as of today.

The city has already recorded the second heaviest rainfall of this season. Mumbai has seen over 500 mm rain in the last 3 days, total monthly exceeds 820mm inches very close to normal of 841mm. The possibility of seeing record rain in July cannot be ruled out

Talking about the rain forecast for the city of Mumbai, weather forecasters believe that this entire week is likely to be a rainy affair. These showers may not continuously make an appearance but be on and off in nature. However, there is a possibility of three-digit rains during these days. Moreover, rains will be for shorter durations and heavier in intensity.

Conditions are good enough for heavy spells to occur during anytime of the day starting tomorrow for the next few days. Most of these rains will occur in short duration, which is a typical Monsoon feature for the city of Mumbai.

East West trough is extending from north Arabian Sea to Andhra Pradesh coast at around 3.1 kms. This trough is passing via Mumbai. Monsoon surge is active over west coast as another trough at mean sea level is extending from Maharashtra coast to Karnataka coast.

A cyclonic circulation is expected to form over Konkan and Goa at around 500 hpa. Therefore, on and off heavy rains are expected to continue for the next few days.

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