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Outlier November For Delhi: No Rain, Fog, Cold Wave

December 1, 2022 6:28 PM |

The month of November remained at deviant from the usual pattern, in more than one way. It experienced different shades of weather but mostly related with fluctuations of mercury levels. Month of November as such is considered a transition month, in between the departing monsoon month of October and frigid December. Therefore, the variability at times is extreme for range of meteorological elements, as it happened in Nov 2022. 

November 2022 for the capital city remained totally dry. Though, this is the least rainiest month on record but light precipitation on few occasions is not uncommon.  Against the monthly normal of 4.1mm, November drew a flak to remain bone-dry. 

Conspicuously, the capital city did not observe typical winter fog during the month. Patches of  short lived shallow fog on few occasions around the green belt and water bodies did make appearance but nearly went unnoticed. Both the city observatories have a frequency of 10 days of moderate to shallow fog. Absence of fog is primarily attributed to lack of active western disturbances and drier than normal winds. 

The capital city observed contrasting 1st and 2nd fortnight. Minimum temperatures mostly hovered around 16-17deg in the first 10days and settled close to 15deg by middle of month. The later half was rather chilly with mercury invariably plunging below normal and sliding to single digit. Mean minimum temperature in the second half was 8.9 deg, as against 17.7deg of first fortnight.  The lowest minimum temperature of 7.3deg was recorded on 29th Nov, about 3deg below the normal. Despite, colder than normal, city missed observing cold wave conditions by narrow margin. In any case, cold wave in November is not synonymous with Delhi, barring few freak occasions. In the year 2020, Safdarjung observatory recorded a minimum of 6.3deg on 23rd Nov, nearly touching cold wave conditions. 

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