Overnight Delhi rains to bring down mercury, winters to intensify

Overnight Delhi rains to bring down mercury, winters to intensify

05:37 PM

Delhi Rains

As predicted by Skymet Weather, Delhi witnessed its much awaited first winter rainfall of the season in the past day. Rainfall activity started during the late evening hours and continued throughout the night. Adjoining regions such as Noida, Faridabad, Gurugram, and Ghaziabad also witnessed some rainfall activity.

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In the last 24 hours from 8.30 am on Monday, Safdarjung observatory recorded rains to the tune of 7.8 mm and Palam 6.8 mm. Monday began on the sunny note, which led to increase in the maximum temperatures and both the observatories recorded day temperatures above normal.

Safdarjung observatory recorded 24.2°C temperature that was one degree above the normal average, while Palam Observatory recorded 25°C, which was two degrees above normal. The minimum temperatures also rose and were recorded above normal by five degrees.

Click the image below to see the live lightning and thunderstorm across DelhiLightning in Delhi and NCR 600

As per Skymet Weather, rains have seized now, though the sky conditions are still cloudy. With the chill in the air, temperatures remained stagnant at about 15°C during the past four to five hours.

However, it is anticipated that the sun will come up during the daytime which may increase the mercury levels during the day but they would continue to be below normal.

Rains will subside now but isolated spells cannot be ruled out due to localized weather phenomena. The night temperature is likely to fall which would intensify the winters.

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