Pan India Rain performance in the first half of October

Pan India Rain performance in the first half of October

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Southwest Monsoon 2018 had ended with a deficiency of 9 percent and most parts of the country had seen massive deficiency.

Now, we have entered the Post Monsoon season and the season so far has not shown a good performance. The first half of October, rains in Post Monsoon season have been deficient by 48 percent, throughout the country.

Talking about the four regions, Northwest India has been the worst performer with a deficiency of 74 percent. East and Northeast India have also not been performed well and the deficiency has been at -51 percent.

Central India has also been as bad with -49 percent of rainfall deficiency. Out of all these regions, the best performing region has been South India. However, this area was also deficient at -32 percent.

There are 36 Meteorological sub divisions in the counyty, and among them, there is only region which has been large excess which is the state of Odisha. Cyclone Titli had a part to play in Odisha observing mammoth rains. Meanwhile, there are three excess rainfall pockets including Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala and Lakshadweep.

Meanwhile, five pockets have seen rains in deficiency while three areas are seeing normal rains. The point to be noted here is that there are 24 subdivisions which are observing large deficient rains.

Now also, revival of rains is not likely over East, Northwest and Central India. However, hilly states of North India will see some rainfall and snow in the higher reaches in view of successive Western Disturbances.

Parts of South India are likely to see some rains in the next two to three days in view of several systems in proximity of the southern parts of the country.

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