Performance of Northeast Monsoon from December 1 to 10

Performance of Northeast Monsoon from December 1 to 10

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South Peninsula was the best performing region during the Southwest Monsoon. Out of which, Coastal Karnataka was the rainiest whereas, Tamil Nadu was the least rainy during Southwest Monsoon. The South Peninsula consists of total 10 subdivisions out of that two are in the oceanic area and they are Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands.

Rest areas are mostly landlocked and out of them five come under the purview of Northeast Monsoon. They are Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Rayalaseema, South Interior Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Rest three i.e. Coastal Karnataka, North Interior Karnataka and Telangana are at the peripherals of Northeast Monsoon’s domain.

Contrary to its performance in Southwest Monsoon, the Northeast Monsoon has been really disappointing over a larger area. So far, state of Kerala has been the best performer with least deficit of 4%, followed by Tamil Nadu which is deficit by 17%. Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema are the two pockets which are highly deficit by 69% and 60% respectively. South Interior Karnataka has been deficit by 39% up till December 10.

The Northeast Monsoon for the month of December has been deficit so far, barring two days i.e. December 5 and 6 when rain was surplus by 7% and 54%, respectively.

Talking about the outlook of the same, the Southern Peninsula has been largely deficit because there was no stream of activities which could have brought enough rains. But now a system is brewing in Bay of Bengal which may possibly strengthen into a storm. This system is likely to head towards Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh. In another 48 hours or so, we can be then very sure about the direction of the storm as to where it will strike.

As per the experts, if this system strikes Tamil Nadu then it may largely recover the deficiency in coming 10 days. Whereas, in case it heads toward Andhra Pradesh, then it will recover the rain figures substantially.

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