Performance of Northeast Monsoon so far this season

Performance of Northeast Monsoon so far this season

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Tamil Nadu 1Northeast Monsoon officially begins on October 1 and ends on December 31. While the beginning is not usually on the officiated date and tends to appear only after the first half of the month of October, the end happens at the same time.

This year, Northeast Monsoon started on a mild note and also had made a delayed arrival. In fact, Northeast Monsoon had remained slow throughout the season, with its active phases being rather few. Therefore, Northeast Monsoon has so far performed under par and is not expected to see any revival soon.

The month of November is usually supposed to be the rainiest month, in fact, it is also supposed to be the back up month which compensates for both October and December.

However, this time, November has been a completely disappointing affair and rains have been way less than usual. Talking about Northeast Monsoon’s performance in November this year, Tamil Nadu saw rains deficient by 8 percent, Rayalaseema was largely deficient by a whopping 48 percent, Coastal Andhra Pradesh was worse at -61 percent, South Interior Karnataka at -59 percent and Kerala at -13 percent.

Bad performance of rains in the month of November led to the under-performance throughout the season. So far this season, Tamil Nadu is rain deficient by 22 percent, Rayalaseema is at -62 percent, Coastal Andhra Pradesh at -54 percent, South Interior Karnataka at -41 percent and Kerala at -5 percent.

Usually, storms do make an appearance in the Bay of Bengal during the Northeast Monsoon, which was the case this year too. There were three storms in the Bay of Bengal including Titli, Gaja, and Phethai. However, these storms also did not provide enough to save Northeast Monsoon from being deficient.

Cyclone Gaja was the saving grace for the state of Tamil Nadu while Phethai saved Coastal Andhra Pradesh from being massively deficient, which was the case in the beginning.

Talking about the month of December, given below is the table which shows the rain in the five subdivisions of South India during Northeast Monsoon:

Rain in Northeast Monsoon

There are just about few days left in the end of Northeast Monsoon, and nothing would be able to save Southern Peninsula from a poor season this time.

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