Pleasant days ahead in north; rain likely to return in extreme south

January 24, 2013 4:49 PM |

Weather of Delhi and that of northwestern parts as well as central India will be pleasant during the next couple of days. The weather in Jammu & Kashmir will turn dry after 24 hours. Rain is likely to return over extreme south and expected to occur in south Kerala and south Tamil Nadu during the next 24 hours. Showers are also expected over Vidarbha and in the northeast over Arunachal Pradesh.

Jammu & Kashmir’s weather is expected to turn dry, as the feeble Western Disturbance will move out of the region. This will put a break on the snowfall and rain till the next weather system arrives. During the next 24 hours, the weather system will travel to east Jammu & Kashmir first and give snowfall at higher places to finally move out from the area. Weather of Delhi will bear the impact of the weather in Jammu & Kashmir.

Weather of Delhi will experience more sunshine as clouds associated with the Western Disturbance will disappear. Days will be cooler but as there is plenty of sunshine, the winds chill will be less effective. The winds in Delhi are blowing from the snow-capped hills of Jammu & Kashmir.

Bright sunny days will lead to rise in night and days temperature. Weather of Delhi will change with the arrival of another Western Disturbance in Jammu & Kashmir. Till then current weather conditions will prevail in the northwest.

The Western Disturbance after passing Jammu & Kashmir is expected to reach the northeastern states. A cyclonic circulation is seen over this region. Under its influence one or two places in Arunachal Pradesh will receive rain during the next 24 hours.

Weather in central India will also see a rise in temperatures in the coming days due to persistent sunshine under open sky. Some showers are expected in Vidarbha and its adjoining areas as it is experiencing a mix up of cool northwesterly winds with warm easterly winds from the Bay of Bengal. One or two places in Vidarbha could receive showers during the next 24 hours.

Rain is also expected in the extreme southern lands in south Kerala and south Tamil Nadu and in Lakshadweep islands as a cyclonic circulation persists near Lakshadweep. A trough of low pressure area runs from southwest to west-central Bay of Bengal. The system is expected to give rain over the Andaman & Nicobar Islands during the next 24 hours.


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