Pleasant weather in Rajasthan, Gujarat likely; nights to remain cold

December 13, 2018 6:22 PM |

Rajasthan Article

Both the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat have been witnessing above normal day and night temperatures since the last many days. Day temperatures were high due to clear sky and bright sunshine. Meanwhile, night temperatures were above normal as the cold northerly winds were not able to reach up to these states.

The successive Western Disturbances restricted the flow of cold northwesterly winds over these states. But now the current Western Disturbance has moved away eastwards and there will be a gap of four to five days before another Western Disturbance approaches.

Since yesterday, northerly cold winds have commenced over these states. Therefore, night temperatures have also dropped by 3˚C to 5˚C and day temperatures by 2˚C to 4˚C in many parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

In fact, yesterday, the minimum temperature recorded over 10.6˚C, followed by Bikaner 7.5˚C, Ahmedabad 12.4˚C and Surat 15.4˚C.

Now, we expect further drop in day and night temperatures as these winds will continue for at least next three to four days. There are also chances of cold wave conditions to occur in parts of Rajasthan during the coming days, wherein the minimums will be recorded below normal by 3˚C to 4˚C.

Thus, all the places in Rajasthan and Gujarat will now experience comfortable and pleasant days.

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