Delhi may see isolated thunderstorm today, but no relief from hot days

Delhi may see isolated thunderstorm today, but no relief from hot days

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At 38.8 degrees, Delhi records hottest day of the season

Updated on May 17 at 12: 26 pm: Delhi may see isolated thunderstorm today, but no relief from hot days

Due to frequent on and off dust storm and thundershower activities, fluctuation in temperatures is being experienced over Delhi-NCR since last few days.

During the last 24 hours, temperatures over Delhi-NCR have increased and are settling above 40°C. On Wednesday, the Safdarjung observatory recorded its day temperature at 40.2°C and the Palam observatory recorded its maximum at 42.0°C. Ayanagar and Ridge also recorded their maximum temperatures at 41.4°C and 40.5°C, respectively.

Furthermore, we expect a shade higher in terms of temperatures today also. Therefore, due to the combination of high temperatures and light winds which are currently blowing across the national capital, we expect isolated thunderstorm/dust storm activities over some places in the Delhi-NCR region.

However, these activities would occur during the late afternoon or evening hours and thus, would not give any respite from the hot weather. Updated on May 16 at 16: 34 pm: In the month of May, national capital Delhi observes scorching heat. In fact, both Palam and Safdarjung observatory record day temperatures beyond 40°C. As per the previous year records, the day maximum in Safdarjung observatory reaches up to 45°C. Meanwhile, the day maximum in Palam has touched 48°C also.

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However, this year, until now i.e May 15, the highest temperature in Palam has reached to 43.2°C and at Safdarjung 42.8°C only. The lower maximums can be attributed to the recurring pre Monsoon activities over the city.

Delhi Temperature in May

Until now, Delhi has observed 4 incidents of rain, thunderstorm, and thundershower. The first spell occurred between May 2-3. The second rainy episode occurred between May 7-8. The third rainy appearance was on May 13. The latest pre-Monsoon episode was observed today morning. During these rainy episodes, the velocity of wind was extremely high and the winds gusted up to 100 kmph also. So far, Safdarjung observatory has recorded 24 mm of rains against the normal of 31 mm of rains.

As per Skymet Weather, we expect hot weather with partly cloudy sky conditions during the next 24 to 48 hours.  However, during this time isolated dust storm or thunderstorm activity cannot be ruled out due to any local development.

May 19 onward, the chance of any weather activity is not anticipated. In fact, the winds will also change to northwesterly dry and hot winds. Thus, the weather is expected to turn dry and hot. The dry spell is likely to be a prolonged one. Moreover, during this time, the day maximums will be on a rising trend. The temperatures are likely to settle beyond 40 °C.

The temperatures would peak every day and may also settle close to the earlier records of the observatories as mentioned above. Thus, there are very bleak chances of Delhi to surpass the monthly average rainfall, but very high chances to touch the high record temperatures.

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