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Prolonged Spell Of Heavy Rain For Mumbai, Hat Trick Of Century Rainfall Likely

July 5, 2022 1:16 PM |

Mumbai has been raining non stop since yesterday. The city piled up 124mm of rainfall in 24hr, since 8.30 am yesterday.  Another 23mm has been added till 11.30am.  The city of Bollywood has accumulated 463mm of deluge in the last 5 days. In the first 5 days of the month, the financial capital has crossed the halfway mark with monthly average of 840.7mm in July. Looks like, the city is heading for sinking rains, over the next 10 days with small breaks in between.

Airport observatory at Santa Cruz has already breached the 100mm mark in 24hr thrice, on 01st, 02nd and 05thJul.  More showers of same intensity, almost ceaseless during the day are likely for the city and suburbs. Incessant rains will lead to disruption in connectivity and inundation of low lying areas. Astronomical high tide with wave height of about 4 mtr at around 4 PM,  will add to the huge splash being continuously experienced over the last  24hr.

Maiden low pressure area of the season, which earlier formed over Odisha and Bay of Bengal, is now lying over Madhya Pradesh. The weather system will move westward to come closer over North Maharashtra, Southwest Madhya Pradesh, South Gujarat and North Konkan region over the next 48hr. Another weather system as cyclonic circulation is marked  over North Arabian Sea and coastal parts of Sind (Pakistan). Axis of trough joining these 2 features has accentuated the monsoon stream along the West Coast and more so for Konkan and Goa.

Heavy rains will continue over and around Mumbai for the next 12hr. Moderate showers will  lash during the night as well,  with short breaks in between. Tomorrow could be shade better than today, but only to escalate and expand later on 7thJuly.  Extremely heavy rains are likely on 07th, 08th, and 09thJuly with peak intensity on 08thJuly. Alarmingly heavy rains will disturb the communication and connectivity. Rail, road and air operations will be hit to the inconvenience of  ‘Mumbaikars’.

This extremely wet spell will not end the woes of common man and more desolation is in store, even during next week. After these punishing rains on around the weekend, equally powerful wet spell is anticipated, commencing 13thJul, and may as well be lasting longer than the current one.  July 2020 holds the all time record of highest rainfall for Mumbai.  That month gathered 1502.7mm , with record 5 occasions of 3 digit rainfall and highest of 201mm on 05thJuly 2020. July 2022 seems to be in race, competing for the all time record.

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