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Punjab Coldest State In Plains, Temperature Plunge Below Five Degrees

December 13, 2023 12:31 PM |

Winter chill is gradually gripping the northern plains. Northern most state of Punjab in the plains is bearing the winter onslaught more than the others. Mercury has plunged to record lowest temperature of the season at many places. Quite a few of these have dipped to 5°C or less, for first time in this season.  No further significant drop is likely and only marginal changes are expected in the next 2-3 days.

Mostly, northern parts of Punjab and stations along the foothills have observed significant drop.  Majha region, the area between rivers Ravi and Beas, is affected the most. Mercury levels have  plummeted at Pathankot, Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Tarn Taran. Pathankot and Amritsar have recorded the coldest temperature of this season at 5°C and 4.7°C respectively. Northern parts of Doaba, region between rivers Beas and Sutlej, like Jalandhar, Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur have plunged much below the normal.  Jalandhar was the lowest in the region at 4.4°C.  Isolated places in Malwa, area south of Sutlej, also measured similar temperatures.  Bhatinda, the fifth largest city of Punjab, dropped to 5°C today, first time in the season.

Feeble western disturbance has just moved across the northern mountains, affecting tallest hills.  In the wake of system, cold air may still drag the minimum temperatures lower than today, albeit with marginal changes. Otherwise, status quo is likely to be maintained across the region. Scattered shallow fog and biting morning pinch in the air will be the hallmark on weather front.  Day temperature will continue to be in comfortable low twenties.

Yet another western disturbance is expected to approach the region on 16thDecember.  This system will also be weak, like the previous one, and last for about 48 hours. The night temperature may therefore ease out a little on 16th & 17th December. Clearance of system may follow another spell of low single digit temperatures at many places across the region.  Majha and Doaba area will once again be more susceptible to the bitter freeze.

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