Rain and snow in Kashmir, Himachal may delay Pre Monsoon in Mumbai

Rain and snow in Kashmir, Himachal may delay Pre Monsoon in Mumbai

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Mumbai Weather

The city of Mumbai observes dry conditions since the month of November. Weather remains dry until the first half of May. Usually, Pre Monsoon showers do make an appearance during the second half of the month in view of rising temperatures and increased humidity levels.

Talking about the Pre Monsoon season, it starts in March itself. The little bit of wintry touch that Mumbai observes goes for a toss second half of February. Moreover, the second half of February, is generally warmer as it is the transition phase from winters to the Pre Monsoon season.

During the first half of February, the average minimums are at around 17.5 degrees Celsius with maximums around 31 degrees. Meanwhile, in the second half the former increases to 20 degrees and the latter to a whopping 35 degrees.

There is a large variation in the lowest and the highest maximum of February. In fact, if you see last year’s data, the highest maximum went up to 37.8 degrees on February 28, while the lowest on Feb 13 settled at 27.9 degrees. Thus, around 10 degrees of a difference can be seen between the first half and second half.

Other change which is seen is that during December, January, February, weather activity over the north governs weather patterns and winds are north-easterlies blowing from the land.

Meanwhile, Pre Monsoon sees reduced north-easterlies and south-westerlies begin to make appearance.

This year also, the lowest maximum went to 24 degrees Celsius on February 9, with the minimum that day being the lowest at 11 degrees. On the other hand, the highest maximum was seen on February 13 at 36.3 degrees.

Usually, Pre Monsoon signs start to make an appearance in the last few days of February itself, however, this time North India has been seeing frequent weather activities, due to back to back Western Disturbances.

Now, with last ten days left or so, Mumbai should have been inching closer to Pre Monsoon with rising temperatures. However, as more weather is coming up for North India, Pre Monsoon conditions are being delayed in Mumbai for at least some time.

While during the second half temperatures increase in Mumbai, for this week at least, Mumbai will continue to see maximum below the 35-degree mark.

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