Rain in Delhi to commence June 27 onward

June 25, 2018 12:57 PM |

Delhi warm weather

Weather over Delhi-NCR has remained dry since the beginning of June, expect on two occasions where light rainfall activity was recorded. Thus, we can say that pre-Monsoon activities were almost nil over the Delhi region.


As of June 24, Delhi has only received 5 mm of rain, whereas the normal rainfall stands at 82.2 mm for the month of June, which means that rainfall amounts for the national capital in June stand largely deficient.

However, the normal arrival of Monsoon over the capital of India is generally around June 29, and the good news is that this year monsoon will not be delayed over Delhi.

Pre-monsoon activities are expected to commence June 26 onward, and which are expected to gradually increase on June 28 and June 29. Thus, we can say that Monsoon is expected to make an onset June 29. In fact, light to moderate rains are likely over Delhi-NCR June 29 onwards.

Temperatures are currently settling around 43 and 45 degrees, above normal by 5 degrees due to which heatwave conditions have taken over. However, during the time of rains, they will settle in mid-30s by June 29. Therefore, we can say the relief is in sight for the people living in Delhi-NCR, due to the commencement of rain and drop in day temperatures.

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