Rain in Hyderabad, Ramagundam, Nizamabad likely

Rain in Hyderabad, Ramagundam, Nizamabad likely

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Hyderbad WeatherMost parts of Telangana had been seeing below normal minimums for the past couple of days or so. Moreover, Ramagundam saw its minimum today at 11.4 degrees Celsius, which is below normal by six degrees. Therefore, isolated pockets of Telangana are even reeling under Cold Wave conditions.

However, now, warm and humid southeasterly winds have commenced over the state of Telangana. Due to this change, temperatures are expected to see a rise, particularly the minimums. Maximum temperatures are already settling one to two degrees Celsius, and in some parts, they are even being recorded about three degrees above the normal levels.

Now, weather will remain warm over Telangana until January 23. Thereafter, a confluence zone is expected to develop over Telangana and adjoining areas leading to formation of thunderclouds, which will further result in rain and thundershower activities.

Between January 25 and 27, scattered rains and thundershower activities are expected with chances of hailstorm in parts of Telangana including Hyderabad, Nizamabad, Ramagundam etc. The confluence zone will be the warm and humid southeasterly winds from Bay of Bengal meeting warm and humid winds coming from southwest direction, i.e., the Arabian Sea over Telangana, Vidarbha and adjoining areas.

During that time, maximum temperatures will fall by three to four degrees Celsius and may once again come in the below normal category. Meanwhile, minimum will remain on the higher side only.

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