Rain in Kolkata, Bankura, Midnapore to observe a declining trend

April 13, 2018 12:23 PM |

Rain in Kolkata, Bankura, Midnapore to observe a declining trendThe state of West Bengal has been witnessing rainfall activity for quite some time now. In fact, Pre-Monsoon showers after a dry March have been giving the residents that much needed relief. So much so that this week, the state has recorded five times more rains than it usually does during this time.

The last 24 hours were also not very different as heavy rains did lash the state. Thunderclouds had developed during the late afternoon hours and by evening time, many areas in the state recorded good showers along with squalls and lightning activities.


In a span of 24 hours from 8:30 am on Thursday, Bankura recorded a whopping 72 mm of rains, Digha 24 mm, Midnapore 20 mm, Bardhaman 13 mm, Shanti Niketan and Diamond Harbour 2 mm each and Kolkata 1.2 mm.

Check out the live lightning and thunderstorm status across West Bengal

kolkata lightning

These rainfall activities can be attributed to the presence of a cyclonic circulation over East India. Along with this, a trough is also extending across West Bengal. Moreover, humid winds from the Bay of Bengal has also been providing moisture to the region due to the anti-cyclone in the Bay, resulting in more rains.

Now, as per weathermen at Skymet Weather, rainfall activity is expected to witness a reduction. While there is expected to be some weather activity towards late evening, these rains will continue to reduce. Thus, in the next two to three days, maximums which have been settling slightly below normal, will inch back to normal and go even beyond that.

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