Rain in south India to continue with Easterly wave

November 17, 2013 3:58 PM |

An easterly wave of clouds and rain is gaining strength in central and nearby Southwest Bay of Bengal. The wave is expected to bring showers in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh from Tuesday 19th of November onwards. Coastal belts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will witness rain up to 30 to 40 mm a day.

In the past 24 hours, Tiruchirapalli and Chennai in Tamil Nadu witnessed 142.4 and 80.4 mm of rain, respectively. Intensity of rain will subdue but showers will further spread to Kerala and Karnataka in the next two days. In Andhra Pradesh, Tirupathi and Nellore recorded 51.4 mm and 47.9 mm of rain.

Clouds will keep the day temperatures down in the areas that had received rain in the last few days. Maximum temperature in Chennai was recorded at 26.1 degrees, three degrees below the average at this time of the year. Tirupathi recorded a maximum of 24.1 degrees, six notches below the normal. Day temperature was below normal by 4 degrees in Nellore at 26.4 degrees yesterday.

The deep depression that arrived over north Tamil Nadu coast at noon yesterday, the 16th of November, has reached the interiors of Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. It will turn insignificant in terms of rain after two days.

Conditions are also favourable for the upbringing of a weather system in the Bay of Bengal over the Andaman Seas and adjoining areas but it will still take a week to form.

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