Rain in Vizianagaram, Kalingapatnam and Nalgonda, Hyderabad to remain dry

May 19, 2019 1:34 PM |


Dry and hot weather conditions with mainly clear sky conditions have prevailed over Telangana during the last 24 hours. Similarly, the state of Andhra Pradesh is experiencing hot and dry weather, with high humidity levels along its coastal parts, since last few days.

In fact due to high levels of humidity, residents of the coastal areas are continuously battling uneasy weather conditions. However, spell of light rain and some thundershowers have been recorded over isolated places of Andhra Pradesh, during the last 24 hours.

According to Skymet Weather, the main reason for such weather conditions can be attributed to the presence of an upper air Trough, which is extending from Chhattisgarh up to Karnataka.

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Moreover, dry and warm winds are blowing over Telangana, while Andhra Pradesh is experiencing warm and moist winds. Due to these winds, Andhra Pradesh will experience spell of light rain and thundershowers during next 24 hours.

Places like Vizianagaram, Kalingapatnam, East Godavari and Nalgonda will record light rain due to accumulation of moisture. However, other parts will continue to witness hot and dry weather.

Further, during next two to three days, due to increased humidity levels, afternoons will be very uneasy for the residents.

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