Rains in West Bengal to take a backseat, rise in maximums expected

Rains in West Bengal to take a backseat, rise in maximums expected

12:29 PM


The state of West Bengal was highly rain deficit since this October. However, Cyclone Phethai which moved across the states of Odisha and West Bengal gave widespread rains over the same. In the past 24 hours also, the remnants of this system gave rains over West Bengal. As per the records and weathermen at Skymet, December 18 was possibly the rainiest day for the state of Gangetic West Bengal against the normal of 0.1 mm, which is thousand times more than normal.

Prior to this, cyclone Titli also moved across the parts of Odisha and then West Bengal. It then gave 16.1 mm of rains on October 11. This figure has been overtaken and has certainly reduced the overall deficiency for this season. Earlier the deficiency was 53% and now it has come down to 41%. This seems to be a significant drop.

The passage of this system has given widespread rainfall but now rains here are light to moderate in nature. These light and moderate rains are further expected to reduce deficiency by five to six percent.

Since last two days, day temperatures were running far below normal. For instance, Kolkata recorded almost 8°C below normal against the maximums in high 20s which has come under 20s. However, the minimums were on a higher end. Now, the temperature reversal is all set to take place, wherein day temperatures will rise appreciably, and night temperatures will fall by 1-2°C. Day temperatures are expected to rise by 5-6 °C.

In coming 24 hours, clearance in weather will be seen. In wake of this system, winds from Indo-Gangetic plains will sweep into the state of West Bengal. Clear sky with plenty sunshine will help in rising the day temperatures. Such weather conditions will prevail for a week or so.

Image Credit: Tourism of India

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