Rains to continue over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for next 24 hours

April 22, 2019 9:45 AM |

Light rains to make an appearance over Hyderabad

During the last 24 hours, fairly widespread rain and thundershower activities associated with lightning strikes and thunder squalls were witnessed over North coastal Andhra Pradesh, with a comparatively less intensity over the state of Telangana. Although, Hyderabad still managed to receive scattered rain and thundershowers in the afternoon hours.

As of now, these pre-monsoon activities are likely to continue for another 24 hours. Now, we expect Telangana to also receive good rain and thundershower activities during the next 24 hours as the Confluence Zone continues to extend from Gangetic Bengal to Interior Karnataka while passing through Odisha and parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Therefore, these activities are only going to pick up pace.

At the same time, scattered activities are likely to continue over North coastal Andhra Pradesh. Intensity of these activities will also increase over Telangana. However, Rayalaseema will only get subdued Monsoon activities. However, isolated rain and thundershower activities cannot be ruled out over Rayalaseema as well.

Due to these activities the temperatures over, Coastal Andhra Pradesh will remain below normal, but Telangana will be hot and humid.

After 24 hours, activities will subside over Telangana, but coastal Andhra Pradesh may continue with on and off rain and thundershower activities.

These pre-monsoon activities will now continue with an on and off intensity throughout the Pre-Monsoon season because of the formation of a semi-permanent trough or Confluence Zone extending from Eastern parts of the country to South Peninsula. It will keep oscillating from East to West. Sometimes, activities intensify over Andhra Pradesh and sometimes over Telangana. Therefore, the weather is not expected to go dry completely over these states and the pre-Monsoon activities will continue.

Image Credits –  The Indian Express 

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