Rainy spell across India drops temperatures significantly, to increase now

Rainy spell across India drops temperatures significantly, to increase now

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Rainy spell across India drops temperatures significantly, to increase now

The temperatures along with the humidity levels are two proprietary parameters to assess comfort or discomfort in terms of both heat and cold weather conditions. Any large fluctuations in these at any point of time is detrimental for the crops.

The month of March is a pleasant one for the northern parts of the country while it does mark the arrival of Pre-Monsoon season for South India. Meanwhile, temperatures see a rising trend over the central parts of the country.

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This time, the first half of March, particularly the central and southern parts of the country observed heatwave like conditions. Temperatures have frequently reached above the high 30s even inching close to 40 degrees at times. Meanwhile, large deficiencies were seen in terms of rain over the entire country.

The states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Rayalaseema and parts of Odisha were the ones reeling under intense heat.

However, the third week of March was way different as plenty of rains were seen in various parts of the country. In fact, unseasonal widespread rains were also witnessed over the northeastern parts of the country. The only state that remained dry was the state of Gujarat.

This rainy spell has brought the temperatures near normal and even below the normal levels in some parts of the country, particularly Maharashtra. In fact, the state was observing temperatures in the high 30s which dropped to even the 20s. For instance, maximum in Parbhani settled at 22.5 degrees Celsius after the rains, Chandrapur 25.2 degrees, Nagpur 27.6 degrees, Nizamabad 28 degrees, and Angul 30 degrees Celsius.

Rain and snow in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh dropped temperatures in the plains of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi as well. The maximum in Delhi has been settling in the early 30s for the past few days.

Excessive rains in Northeast India also caused a drop in the temperatures while humid weather in South India became comfortable after the rainfall activity. These spells of widespread rains are now fading away and will be confined to a few pockets only. In fact, temperatures have started to inch towards normal right from peninsular India to Maharashtra. In the absence of any weather activity, temperatures may witness a rise further.

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