Ranchi, Jamshedpur brace for good rains; light showers in Patna, Gaya

Ranchi, Jamshedpur brace for good rains; light showers in Patna, Gaya

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It seems that good Monsoon showers have now bid adieu to the eastern states of Bihar and Jharkhand that have not seen very good rainfall during the month of September. Though the month of August was somewhat better for both the state, September has mainly remained dry with only some occasional light showers.

Similar was the rainfall pattern for both Bihar and Jharkhand in the last 24 hours as well wherein not many rainy spells made their appearance over both the states. On one hand, isolated parts of Bihar recorded some light traces while Jharkhand mainly remained dry.

However, parts of Patna and Gaya are at present witnessing some light showers. Though as per Skymet Weather, these rainy spells are not going to be for a longer duration and may be confined to the shorter area.

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Skymet Weather further reiterates that the axis of Monsoon trough is running from Patna to Northeast Bay of Bengal across Bihar and Jharkhand. Hence, the somewhat similar weather pattern is anticipated to continue in both the districts for at least another 2-3 days.


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Rain will be light in South Bihar while light to moderate spells are likely over South Jharkhand and North Jharkhand will receive mainly light showers.

Thus, districts such as Jamshedpur, Ranchi may get to witness good showers while Patna and Gaya will have to manage with light spells. However, rainfall intensity is likely to pace up by September 19 over both the states.

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