Record breaking rains lash Kolkata, showers to continue

May 24, 2016 12:47 PM |

Rain in KolkataRain in Kolkata created new records as heavy showers lashed the city on Monday. In span of 24 hours from 8:30 am on Monday, the city witnessed 56 mm of rain which is the highest rainfall in 24 hours during the last 10 years.

With this, Kolkata has recorded 135.7 mm of rain till now and is on the verge of surpassing its monthly average of 136.6 mm.

Not only this, weather conditions are still favourable and we expect rain and thunderstorms to continue for another 24 to 48 hours.

The rain activity can be attributed to the cyclonic circulation prevailing over Gangetic West Bengal. This weather system has been attracting sufficient moisture from the Bay of Bengal leading to development of thunder clouds over the region including Kolkata.

Thereafter, rains over Kolkata will take a backseat. Skymet Weather predicts that the affecting cyclonic circulation will move away from the region, leading to significant drop in rain activity.

In wake of the ongoing activity, day temperature continues to settle below normal. On Tuesday, Kolkata recorded day temperature of 35.4°C, one degree below the season’s average.

Nights have also gone comfortable but high levels of humidity is a cause of concern.

Skymet Weather predicts that maximum temperature will once again start rising as rains recede from the city. Thus, sultry weather conditions will make comeback over the city soon.

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