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Record Heat For Bengaluru, No Rain In April

April 25, 2024 3:26 PM |

Bengaluru remained absolutely dry during the month of April. It was a repeat of Feb and March. The last it rained was in January, the first week, a light sprinkle. The temperature has been searing, longer than normal, for the city and suburbs. No relief is expected during the remaining days of April. The ball rolls to May to have maiden pre-monsoon showers, the most delayed for the city, in recent records.

The capital city is enduring relentless heat during this month. The Karnataka capital has breached 37°C on 11 days, so far, during this month. It recorded blazing mercury of 37.6°C, twice this month, on the 06th and 23rd of April. The highest temperature in Bengaluru for the month of April stands at 39.2°C, recorded in 2016. The maximum temperature during April 2024 has remained above 34°C on all days and above 35°C on 22 days, so far. It is likely to retain this or may upgrade further during the remaining days of April. The mercury may breach the 38°C mark during this period.

Bengaluru gets pre-monsoon showers, largely due to the Peninsular India trough, which runs through and through the interiors of the peninsula, as a semi-permanent feature. This feature has mostly remained inactive and also displaced far to the west of the city. Coastal Karnataka and Kerala have been the beneficiaries on a few occasions. However, Bengaluru has missed the action completely. 

There is no likelihood of this trough becoming active for the next 5 days. The earliest signs, of getting favourably positioned, are at the start of May. The trough is likely to oscillate, east and west, a very common feature during the pre-monsoon, during the first week of May. Scattered showers at that time, may break the jinx of prolonged dry spell. The complete state will have to brace up for the flaring heat for casting ballots, tomorrow 26th April.

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