Severe cold wave grips Hyderabad and Telangana, no relief for next 48 hrs

Severe cold wave grips Hyderabad and Telangana, no relief for next 48 hrs

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In wake of warm and humid easterly and south easterly winds, both day and night temperatures had remained above normal from the month of November till third week of December over Telangana. Moreover, in the absence of cold northerly winds, which are usually responsible in bringing down the temperatures, Telangana was continuously experiencing high minimums and maximums.

The reason for absence of these winds can be attributed to successive Western Disturbances that kept on obstructing the flow of northerly winds over the state.

However, past four to five days, have witnessed a major change in the wind pattern and a continuous flow of cold winds from north direction has been observed over the state. In the presence of these cold winds, temperatures have dropped significantly and are expected to drop even more in the coming days. Earlier minimums, that were reported around 15℃ to 17℃, have now dropped to single digits and are getting recorded below normal by 5℃ to 7℃.

In fact, state capital of Hyderabad is also reeling under the cold wave conditions, with minimum temperatures settling in the single digit for the last many days.

Have a look at minimums recorded over different places of Telangana during last 24 hours-

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Moreover, in the presence of cold winds along with continuously dropping temperatures, severe cold wave conditions are going on over many parts of the state. Further, not only minimums are performing well, but maximums are also equally doing well in setting good winters over the state. At present, maximums are below normal by 3℃ to 4℃.

Meanwhile, residents of Telangana have realized the gravity of this situation and are preparing themselves up by putting on heavy woolens to battle severe cold wave conditions.

Further, in the presence of dry and cold northerly and northwesterly winds, next 48 hours would see a continuous drop in temperatures along with severe cold wave conditions. Meanwhile, clear sky will help in releasing earth’s energy thereby leading to a further fall in minimums during night hours.

However, due to a change in wind direction from northeasterly to southeasterly, a marginal increase in minimums is expected after 48 hours. However, this situation will not last for long and soon temperature will experience a continuous drop for at least next one week. Thus, we can say that cold wave conditions are not leaving anytime soon from the state of Telangana.

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