Shahi Snan to be observed amidst pleasant weather in Kumbh Mela 2019

January 31, 2019 12:21 PM |


Allahabad or most recently known as Prayagraj has been the topic of town since the commencement of most revered Ardha Kumbha 2019. Ever since the beginning, the weather over the holy city has been showing different shades. Right from bright sunny days to gloomy and chilly on some other.

Since last many days weather of Uttar Pradesh is running dry. Chilly and dry northwesterly winds  have kept the minimum temperatures the normal mark for most places including Prayagraj. In fact, the city was also under the ambit of cold wave, which has now abated. However, Prayagraj is still feeling the winter chill during the morning and night hours but days are warm and sunny.

January has come to an end and with the beginning of February, time has come for the third Shahi Snan in Ardha Kumbha Mela that will be observed on February 4. Good news is that the weather would be extremely comfortable on the day, as minimum temperatures are set to increase gradually.

At present, the minimums which are around 7.7°C, will increase to 12 or 13 degree Celsius during February 4. All thanks to the approaching series of Western Disturbances which are affecting Western Himalayas. They have induced a Cyclonic Circulation over Rajasthan which will gradually move to east. The temperatures have already shown an increasing trend, across Northwest and Central India and now over East Uttar Pradesh including the holy city of Prayagraj.

Both day and night temperatures will increase, and weather will become comfortable. Rains are also on cards for Prayagraj but it will be after the Shahi Snan that is on February 5 or 6. But rain intensity will remain light and will not have much impact on the Kumbh festival.

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