Summers arrive in Delhi NCR before schedule, mercury soars beyond 34 degrees

Summers arrive in Delhi NCR before schedule, mercury soars beyond 34 degrees

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Summers 2018 has arrived over Delhi-NCR bit too early this year. Day temperatures are already soaring in mid-30s for the last six consecutive days, which are above normal by 3-5 degrees.

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In fact, on Monday, the national capital recorded day maximum at 34.4°C at Safdarjung Observatory and 34.6°C at Palam Observatory. Not only these temperatures were five degrees above the average, but they were also the highest maximum recorded so far in the season.

Although mercury does reach higher 30s in March but that happens during the fag end of the month, said meteorologists at Skymet Weather. However, it is not the case this year as we can see maximum temperatures settling in mid 30s during the second week of the month itself.

The normal average day maximum during March for Delhi is 29.6°C, while the average for the first 12 days of month this season is higher than this at 32°C.

Now, as we progress towards the second half of the season, the maximum temperatures would see further increase. We might see some relief on March 14 on account of clouding, which might be followed by isolated light rains on March 15.

But since, we are not expecting any major weather activity, mercury will soon start rising again as soon as sky clear up.

With the beginning of March, weather across Delhi-NCR has also started taking a new turn. According to weathermen, there are lot of changes in the weather as we slip into March from February, be this in terms of temperatures or rainfall.

As per statistics, there is a gradual increase of five degrees during this month, while monthly average rainfall decreases to 15.9 mm from 22.1 mm in February.

It has been only few incidences wherein city has managed to surpass its monthly mean. Eight out of last 10 years, Delhi has recorded single digit rainfall.

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