Sunny days in Delhi, rain in store around Jan 23

Sunny days in Delhi, rain in store around Jan 23

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The national capital has seen huge variations in terms of both maximum as well as minimum temperatures in the last few days.

On January 18, Delhi recorded a high of 27.7°C, which was the season’s highest and almost eight degrees above the normal. Contrary to this, days back the maximum temperature across the region was settling below the normal by five degrees. In fact, on January 17, the day maximum of Delhi was 17.1°C.

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In the same way, night temperatures also saw a swing trend, mounting to 8°C from a low of 5°C in the past 3-4 days.

Talking about the visibility conditions across the region, they have also been playing hide and seek and being truant with dense to very dense fog in pockets and shallow to no fog at all over several places.

Due to the dense fog, there were delays as well as diversion in flights. Similarly, there were cancellation and rescheduling of trains. As far as road traffic is concerned, that also was harshly affected.


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Now, from today until January 22, we can expect days to remain sunny during the afternoon hours, with maximum temperatures settling in mid 20s, about 23-25°C. On the other hand, minimum temperatures would settle around 6-8°C. Dense fog is expected to occur in pockets; else shallow to moderate fog will be seen during the next 24 to 48 hours.

Dense to very dense fog will make a comeback over the city by January 22, when a fresh weather system will approach the Northwest India. In the wake of this weather system, reversal of winds is expected, from dry and cold northwesterlies to humid southeasterly winds. These winds will induce moisture in the air, thus resulting in the formation of fog.

Day later, we expect some rains to appear after almost a gap of 42 days. These showers will only be light in nature, of short duration and bring down the day temperatures by a few notches.

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