Temperature sneak peak on Diwali eve

November 2, 2013 3:23 PM |

After a good spell of rain and snow over Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, winter will become severe over the hills. Winds from north or north west direction will increase the chill factor. These cold winds will affect northern and adjoining central India in terms of dropping temperatures for day as well as night.

Clear skies will help decrease the humidity level over indo Gangetic plains. Shallow fog may appear in some pockets of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi during late night and early morning hours. Delhi will witness a cool morning on Diwali eve with a temperature of around 15 0C. Northern parts of east Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will encounter fog for next couple of days, which will affect rail and road traffic in these areas. Day temperatures of north and east India will remain near normal. Night temperatures will be slightly below normal in the north and north west plains.

Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and south interior Karnataka will have above normal day maximums. Rest of the southern peninsula will have near normal temperatures. Scattered rain is expected over coastal Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Karnataka will also receive rain at few places. Rest of the country will remain dry and sunny.

Temperatures in major cities on the eve of Diwali

Cities  Maximum Temp Minimum Temp
Chandigarh 28 14
Delhi 29 15
Jaipur 31 16
Kolkata 31 21
Lucknow 31 15
Patna 30 20

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