Temperatures in Ahmedabad dip significantly, cool mornings and nights ahead

Temperatures in Ahmedabad dip significantly, cool mornings and nights ahead

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The weather had become very warm over the city of Ahmedabad between January 13 and 17. However, both day and night temperatures have now dropped significantly over the city. The minimum temperature of Ahmedabad that settled at 16.4°C on January 17, has dropped to 10°C on Friday morning. The city witnessed a dip in mercury by 6.4°C in just two days.

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Similarly, the day temperatures also witnessed a drop of 2°C. As per Skymet Weather, the sudden drop in temperatures can be attributed to the change in the wind direction. Earlier, warm and humid southeasterly winds were blowing over Gujarat that led to increase the temperatures over Ahmedabad.

Now, the wind pattern has reversed and northerly winds are blowing over the region. These cold northerly winds are traveling from the Western Himalayas across Rajasthan. We expect a marginal rise in minimum temperatures in the next two to three days but that would not bring much change.

Click the image below to see the live lightning and thunderstorm across Gujarat Gujarat

Thereafter, minimums would again drop around January 23 and 24. Thus, in the coming days, residents of Ahmedabad would witness cool weather during the morning and night hours. The day would be warm with bright sunshine and clear sky condition, with maximums settling around 30°C.

It is anticipated that there will be very high difference between the maximums and minimums in Ahmedabad and adjoining areas of Gujarat.

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