Temperatures to play see saw in Gujarat for next few days

February 11, 2020 12:07 PM |

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The residents of Gujarat were shivering under cold weather conditions during the last week. The mornings were cold due to below normal minimums, with mercury even slipping to single digits in some parts.

These weather conditions can be attributed to the cold northerlies, which after sweeping North India, were reaching up to the central parts of the country such as Gujarat and Maharashtra. Moreover, no significant Western Disturbance (WD) had approached the Himalayas in the last week so as to bring a fluctuation in the temperature pattern. Thus, in the absence of any major weather system, the cold winds from the north direction were keeping the temperatures below normal in the state.

Meteorologists at Skymet, however, have predicted a change in the present scenario as the weather models are indicating the approach of another fresh Western Disturbance. In fact, some change has already been noticed in the wind pattern owing to which minimum temperature has increased by a couple of degrees in Gujarat during the last 24 hours. This has brought much relief from the cold conditions.

Under the influence of approaching WD, the cold northerlies could be seen getting replaced by comparatively warmer south/southwesterly winds. These winds are expected to continue until February 13, as a result of which, both day and night temperatures in Gujarat may rise for the next 48 to 72 hours.

By February 14, the Western Disturbance is most likely to move away and the flow of cold winds from the north direction may resume. These winds would travel from the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas and after crossing North India are expected to reach Gujarat.

Again a change in the wind pattern would be noticed, wherein, south/south-westerlies would get replaced by cold northerlies leading to a drop in the minimums and maximums. However, in any case, the fall in the temperatures would not be as steep as it was during the initial days of February.

Moreover, the seasonal shift (from winters to spring) is likely to keep the temperatures under check. And chances of single-digit minimums are almost ruled out now. The days would turn comfortable followed by pleasant evenings and nights for the rest of the month.

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