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Three experts strictly discourage outdoor workout in Delhi's toxic air

December 21, 2019 9:30 AM |

outdoor workout in Delhi

A baggy sweatshirt, wrinkled lowers, branded sports shoes, and a pair of headphones is pretty much how an average Delhi ‘fitness freak’ dresses.

You can find them in every park of the National Capital Region and even on roads and hopping around in monuments. Early morning walks remain an integral shade on the canvas of Delhi mornings. However, with severe pollution levels being recorded in most parts of the region, do early morning walks, jogs, and runs still qualify as something ‘healthy’?

Cedric X Bryant, chief science officer at the American Council of Exercise, opines that since we breathe more deeply during workout and/or exercise, our intake of unfiltered air increases. If this unfiltered air is already as polluted as Delhi’s air, then workout in the open is discouraged.

Arvind Kumar Sharma, chief medical officer at Bokaro, tends to agree and shares that human lungs are at a greater risk if and when vigorous activities are performed in the open. Asthmatics are at a greater risk and are prone to allergies as well.

But what do we think? Mahesh Palawat, Chief Meteorologist at Skymet Weather, explains how the risk is higher during days with moderate to heavy fog.

“Since fog envelops the region, it also traps the pollutants in Delhi’s air. Usually during Delhi winters, fog seldom lifts before 9:30 am to 10:00 am. Only then, the air lightens up, but only so much,” said Mr. Palawat. He also mentioned that if a rainy spell gives adequate rain over the region, and/or cold and dry north-westerly winds begin to blow over the region, then the region’s air pollution levels will improve.

Simply speaking, with fog layering up in Delhi NCR from time to time, pushing yourself outside for a brisk walk or short run doesn’t sound like a bright idea. It is better to stay indoors to exercise. Today, there are many indoor fitness machines that are quality and affordable. It’s not safe out there and you have pollution to blame for it.

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