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Typhoon Goni batters the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, likely to weaken

August 24, 2015 6:30 PM |

Twin Typhoons Goni and Atsani all set to approach JapanUpdated on Aug 24, 2015: Typhoon Goni has battered the Ryukyu Islands in Japan while remaining a powerful Typhoon. The storm is now expected to approach South Korea and southern Japan before mid-week. The typhoon approached the Ryukyu Islands causing extremely heavy rainfall over the region accompanied by damaging winds.

Goni after lashing Philppines had weakened. However, the typhoon gained strength again and is now as strong as a hurricane. According to reports, the storm resulted in 15 deaths in the Philippines. The typhoon also affected Ishigakijima where strong winds of 162 kmph gusting at 255 kmph blew for four straight hours.

The storm may avoid the Chinese coast. However, the Korean state is in danger as Goni will move towards Korea. The typhoon is most likely to weaken but Korean state and some parts of Japan still remain under threat.

Updated on Aug 23, 2015: Typhoon Atsani likely to miss Japan, but Goni will clip the country

While Typhoon Goni has wreaked havoc causing nine floods, eight landslides, and two tornadoes in the Philippines claiming 10 lives so far, its twin Typhoon Atsani can be seen moving away from Japan. Goni is expected to touch western side of Japan early next week. However, Typhoon Atsani is going to swerve just enough to let Japan escape its fury.

Meanwhile in Philippines, as many as 13,000 people were evacuated as Goni landed heavy blows in the islands of Benguet, Ilocos Norte, and Mountain Province. As on Sunday morning, the storm had weakened marginally and its eye was spotted 164 miles northeast of the Philippines. Typhoon Atsani is curving away from Japan and will keep the seas off the southern and eastern coast of Japan dangerous for any movement.

Updated on Aug 22, 2015: Before heading to Japan, Typhoon Goni has caused a lot of destruction over Philippines. The deadly Typhoon has killed seven in Philippines. Torrential rains were accompanied by damaging winds. Also, heavy rains have triggered flash floods and landslides in the island nation.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has geared itself as Goni is all set to approach the nation bringing in very heavy rains over the weekend. The typhoon will not make landfall over Taiwan, but the nation is expected to receive torrential rains.

Updated on Aug 21, 2015: Twin Typhoons Goni and Atsani all set to approach Japan

Typhoon Goni

One of the twin Typhoons, Goni is expected to pass by northern Philippines, very closely, followed by Taiwan this weekend. The typhoon is expected to remain very strong as it aims towards South Korea and Japan after the weekend. The storm is expected to cause flooding rain over the Mariana Islands with damaging winds.

Typhoon Goni is most likely to remain north of Luzon. But, the storm will result in damaging winds and torrential rain of about 150 to 300 mm over the north and northwestern parts of the island. The island may also observe mudslides along with flash floods.

Goni will affect parts of northern Philippines, however, it will further turn northward and pass east of Taiwan without causing much damage to the nation. The storm is not expected to make its landfall over Taiwan, but it will only be about a 150 km away from the coastline.

Typhoon Atsani

According to latest reports, Typhoon Atsani may be able to just avoid a direct hit over Japan. Atsani is likely to remain over the open waters in the Pacific due to a northwestern track. However, ships remain at risk. Atsani is expected to further weaken even below the Typhoon status, but it will still remain a strong storm. Over the weekend, Atsani will result in flooding rain along with damaging winds bypassing Japan.

Typhoon Astani is most likely to curve out to sea before it reaches Japan. However, it may impact areas including eastern Honshu and Tokyo. Seas are expected to become really rough and people have been advised to not carry out any recreational activities near the shore.

Updated on Aug 19, 2015: Twin typhoons continue to strengthen as they target Southeast Asia and Japan

There are two typhoons which are currently brewing in the western Pacific. These two typhoons are headed towards Southeast Asia and Japan. Typhoon Goni could just scrape past Taiwan and northern Philippines as a super typhoon during the weekend. Typhoon Goni strengthened so rapidly that it turned from a category 1 hurricane to a category 4 hurricane in a matter of six hours.

Meanwhile, another typhoon Atsani which is several hundred kilometers east of typhoon Goni is strengthening gradually and could turn into a super typhoon as it reaches closer to Japan over the weekend. Both Goni and Atsani are gaining strength and will reach super typhoon status with winds in excess of 240 kmph during the weekend. Goni will come close to Taiwan and northern Philippines whereas, Atsani will take a track just north of Goni’s track and head towards Japan.

Updated on August 18, 3:20 PM (IST): Twin typhoons over western pacific

Twin typhoons Goni and Atsani are currently brewing in the western Pacific waters. Typhoon Goni has rapidly intensified and will reach a super typhoon status soon. Unfortunately Goni will affect the land mass of northern Philippines and Taiwan in the days ahead. Goni has sustained wind speed of around 190 kmph which is equivalent to category 3 hurricane. From Friday to Sunday Goni affected Guam and Saipan as a tropical storm with strong winds and heavy rain. And now with its intensification and westwards movement it is likely to threaten parts of northern Philippines, east China and most of Taiwan later this week.

Meanwhile another typhoon Atsani is gradually developing and is located several hundred kilometers east of typhoon Goni. Typhoon Goni is on its way to becoming a super typhoon and it is very likely that typhoon Atsani could also become a super typhoon. Typhoon Atsani will not be following Goni but will be taking a northwesterly track towards Japan. Atsani is expected to pose a threat to Japan during the weekend into the start of this week. Typhoon Goni is the second typhoon to hit Saipan in the last two weeks. The island is still struggling to recover from typhoon Soudelor.

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