Untimely rain jolts farmers, flattens rabi crop

March 2, 2015 12:48 PM |

Untimely rain, coupled with high wind speed, has caused widespread damage to rabi crops, vegetables and fruits in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. The degree of damage is still uncertain however, rain that is likely to continue for another 24 hours is most likely to damage 20%-40% of wheat crop and other rabi crops like mustard.

Rabi crop that is ready for harvest in March –April does not require much winter rain or rain during March. Rabi crops are either at harvesting or developing stage and prone to damage due to untimely rain. According to Skymet Meteorology’s forecast, heavy rain over the past weekend was expected to cause widespread damage to rabi crop including the staple wheat crop.



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Crops of vegetables like cauliflower, tomato and coriander in areas like Junnar, Ambegaon and Khed have been the worst affected. In the wake of continuous rain and damage to production, rise in prices of essential food items is likely over next few days.

State of crops in several Indian states

Unseasonable rainfall over the weekend has caught farmers unaware as moderate to heavy rainfall with a wind speed of over 50 kmph has flattened crops like wheat, jowar, mustard and onion that was ready for harvest in several parts of Maharashtra. Wheat production is likely to be hit by heavy rainfall in Pilibhit, Bijnore and Lakhimpur Khiri in Uttar Pradesh. Due to heavy rain, crops of wheat, groundnut and cotton have been adversely affected in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

Rain has also washed away the quality production of mangoes and grapes as several places in Konkan region received rainfall exceeding 30 mm during few days.


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