Valentines Day 2018: Weather across major cities of India

Valentines Day 2018: Weather across major cities of India

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Valentines Day 2018: Weather across major cities of India

Valentine’s Day week has already been creating all the buzz amongst the youngsters. Meanwhile, the Valentine’s Day tomorrow is expected to be a day filled with love and laughter. Right from teenagers to the oldies will be celebrating the day of love.

While India showers in the fervor and festivities, let us take a look at the weather conditions across major cities of India on Valentines Day.

Delhi: The national capital, which may become the love capital tomorrow is expected to remain warm and sunny during the day. In fact, while yesterday was a cloudy and cold day, tomorrow is going to the perfect sunny day in Delhi for lovers to go out and enjoy the winter sun. Day temperatures will settle around 24 degrees Celsius while minimums will hover close to 9 degrees Celsius.

Mumbai: Talking about the City of Dreams, weather during the day may not be as dreamy as youngsters may expect it to be. The day is expected to be very warm as well as sunny with the maximum settling around 31 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, night will remain comfortable in Mumbai with minimums around 16 degrees. Thus, it is going to be the perfect evening to enjoy by the seashore or in one of the rooftop restaurants under the stars.

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Hyderabad: When it comes to Hyderabad, Valentine’s Day will be a warm and sunny day with maximum temperature settling around 30 degrees. Meanwhile, minimums will settle around 17-18 degrees, thus, the night will be comfortable. Biryani close to Char Minaar during the evening sounds like the perfect date, doesn’t it?

Bengaluru: The Garden City of India is expected to have a warm day with maximum temperature settling around 30 degrees. Meanwhile, nights are expected to remain comfortable in Bengaluru with minimum temperatures settling at 17 degrees Celsius. Looks like, the evening at Brigade Road is likely to be the one full of couples.

Kolkata: The city of Joyous may not have a joyful Valentine’s Day as the day is expected to remain warm and humid with maximum settling around 32 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the minimum will settle at 17 degrees in Kolkata, making it the perfect evening for a stroll at Salt Lake or may be a quick dinner at Oh Calcutta!

Pune: The city of Pune is also expected to witness similar weather conditions with days remaining warm and dry. However, the night may be on the cooler side as minimums will settle around 11-12 degrees Celsius. Sounds like a great night to have some Keema Pav at the Goodluck Café, doesn’t it? Some macaroni at Marz O Rim also sounds like a great idea!

Chennai: The city of Chennai is expected to have a warm day with maximums settling around 31-32 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the night is expected to remain warm enough with minimum temperature ranging around 23 degrees Celsius. However, an evening stroll at the Marina beach could be the best way to spend the Day of Love!

Ahmedabad: The city of Ahmedabad is expected to remain comfortable with maximum temperature settling around 30 degrees. The night with minimum at 14 degrees Celsius will also remain comfortable. Some Dhokla with Kadak Chai would be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day, sweet and simple on the pocket, isn’t it?

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