Warm, dry days to continue in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik

Warm, dry days to continue in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik

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The state of Maharashtra has been observing uneasy weather conditions. Most districts of the state have been recording above normal maximums thereby making the days warm and uncomfortable.

The daytime highs are settling above the 30-degree mark and temperatures in a few areas are even clocking above the 35-degree mark. Yesterday, the maximum of Thane settled at a whopping 36.6°C, Ratnagiri saw the maximum at 35.4°C, Mumbai too saw a sharp rise in the maximums and the mercury here settled at 35.2°C. The weather of Akola and Nanded were also warm with the daytime high clocking at 33°C each.

On the other hand, the temperatures were fairly warm in Pune, Nagpur, and Nashik that recorded the maximums at 30.8°C, 31°C and 30°C, respectively.

As per Skymet Weather, most parts of Maharashtra are witnessing clear sky conditions with bright sunshine. Along with this, the state has not witnessed rain that could bring in some relief from the sky high mercury levels.

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Initially, the winds that were blowing over the region were cool and dry northeasterly which is why the temperatures remained under check. However, for the last many days, southeasterly winds that are relatively warm in nature, started blowing over the region. These warm winds along with bright sunny days are contributing to the rise in both maximums and minimums.


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As of now also, the situation seems to remain unchanged and similar weather is expected to prevail over most parts of Maharashtra for another 2-3 days. Both the day and night temperatures would remain high and the weather is expected to remain uneasy.

However, around January 23, the cold winds from the north directions will once again commence resulting in the drop in temperatures by 3-4 degrees Celsius between January 23 and 25.

Thus, the maximums which are at present in mid-30’s are expected to curtail in lower 30’s and the night temperatures will also register a fall by 3-4 degree Celsius leading to comfortable weather conditions.

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