Weather across India on Republic Day

Weather across India on Republic Day

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Weather on Republic Day

The main Republic Day Parade gets underway at 9.30 a.m., following the flag hoisting at 9 a.m., on January 26 each year. It runs for around three hours. Let us have a look at the weather across various states on the Republic Day.

It has been raining in Delhi since past few days and these rains dropped the maximums over the national territory and its adjoining regions. On January 26, i.e. the Republic Day celebrations will go off smoothly. However, it can be foggy and misty in the morning with chilly winds in offing.

By later part of the day, the wind speed would pick up pace and fog would clear up. The minimums will hover around 7°C to 8°C. The parade per se won’t be affected and looks like even the flypast ceremony will go off smoothly.

The security in and around the city as well as in the various districts of West Bengal has been beefed up in view of the Republic Day celebration tomorrow. In Kolkata, the Republic Day parade takes place along Red Road near the Maidan.
Looks like the weather conditions in Kolkata, would be good with rains in its neighborhood areas. However, the sky will be clear in Kolkata with temperatures falling in the comfortable range. The minimums will be in the range of 15°C-16°C and maximums can be around 29°C to 30°C.

This year, Mumbai has performed quite well in terms of winters. Recently, Mumbai recorded lowest day maximum since 2014, wherein day and night temperatures settled around normal. The weather on Republic Day in Mumbai would be clear with some clouds in the morning. The minimums will be in the range of 15°C-16°C and maximums can be around 29°C to 30°C.

Rainfall activity has practically remained absent for a very long time in Chennai and it will continue with the same. However, some parts of Tamil Nadu might see some weather activity. Thus, Republic Day celebrations will be in the comfort range in Chennai. Afternoon can be warmer because of the winds blowing from the sea and minimums would be around 23°C.

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow has been witnessing rains and today also, few spells of rain can be witnessed here. Tomorrow, the sky would be partly cloudy and chilly conditions would persist post rains. There can be possibly shallow fog receding the rains.

The month of January has remained dry for the city of Hyderabad. Looking back at the data- out of the last ten years, five times Hyderabad didn’t receive any rains in January. There are chances of cloudy sky with possibility of rains and might just hamper the celebration as well.

In Bengaluru, low clouds accompanied with some fog during morning hours is a possibility. They will then lift quickly; inclement weather conditions could be seen during later part of the day. The minimums would be around 17°C with maximums settling around 30°C.

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