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Weather forecast for the week in India (14th Jan – 20th Jan)

January 14, 2013 5:45 PM |

Northwest India

Northwest India is expected to witness fluctuation in temperatures during the week. The week starts with drop in temperatures. The temperatures would rise mid-week while they would again fall during the weekend.
Minimum temperatures will fall by 2 to 3 degrees due to absence of Western Disturbance during the next 24 hours but they would again rise from Tuesday, 15th January night as by then another Western Disturbance will appear over Jammu & Kashmir. So, from 15th January night till 18th January, night and day temperatures would rise by 2 to 4 degrees as warmer winds associated with Western Disturbance will be felt in the region.

But again a fall by more or less the same value will be experienced during the weekend as the northerly icy winds will resume and sky will be open, facilitating more heat radiation.

East India

No rain is expected in east India as there is not enough moisture in the winds to form precipitation. The winds in east India are blowing from the north so they would keep the temperatures down. These winds are slow for the first three days so fog can be expected during the next 48 hours starting from Monday, the 14th of January. Dense foggy conditions during morning hours cannot be ruled out at some places in the region. Wind speed will be crucial for the abatement of fog thereafter.

Northeast India

Northeast India will experience passing a Western Disturbance during the week. The current passing Western Disturbance over Jammu & Kashmir will reach over northeast India as an upper air cyclonic circulation. One or two places over Arunachal Pradesh and Assam could receive showers on Wednesday, the 16th of January, as the cyclonic circulation arrives. The weather will turn dry and cool thereafter.

South India

The northeast monsoon or the winter monsoon that gives rain in southern India during December has ended last week so there is no chance of rain in south India this week. During northeast monsoon, the northwesterly winds used to blow up to the Bay of Bengal. They pick moisture to send them towards southern Peninsula by turning into northeasterly winds. But these winds (northwesterly) usually fail to reach up to the Bay by this time of the year and turn into northerly, thus leaving out the Bay. They blow directly towards south in the form of northerly winds from here on.


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